Selected Presentations

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The Force of Law and The Law of Force

@ The Levitt Public Affairs Center (November 2022)

The Socialism of Fools: Populist Antisemitism as White Coalition Politics

@ Humanists In Conversation on Conspiracy (April 2022)

PRECARIOUS Whiteness: Citizenship and Dread in Lovecraft’s Fiction


Contingent Citizenship and the boundaries of white discourse

@ State (IN)STABILITY Conference 2021, Libertas University (November 2021)

Precarious Citizenship: Fealty and Dependence in the HErrenvolk Republic

@ MANCEPT Workshop: The Hollow Republic (September 2021)

Organizing REsistance: Republican Ideals for non-ideal politics

@ 38th International Social Philosophy Conference (July 2021)
@ THe Great lakes philosophy conference (April 2021)

More Than a Capacity: agency, oppression, and paternalism

@ Human rights and human dignity: Rethinking the connection (July 2021)
@ Carnegie Mellon’s center for ethics and policy: workshop on political philosophy in bioethics (February 2021)

WHITE SHAME, NON-White Citizenship

@ XI Braga Meetings on ethics and political philosophy (June 2021)

Policing the Border: Racial Nativism as an Existential Threat to Law

@ Georgetown University’s Gender and Justice Initiative: The Climate Crisis, Displacement, and MIGRATION Workshop (April 2021)